Thursday, June 16, 2016

Cling Fast!

I'm so sorry I missed the last few weeks of blogging...I didn't realize how busy the days could get when you start planning and catching up on stuff that got put to the side while you were doing the actual things you spent last summer planning for! Yikes!

I took a look at the readings for this weekend. I really could not get passed Psalm 63...I think I love every word in this Psalm, here are just a few that call out to me:

You are my God whom I seek
my flesh pines
my soul thirsts
I gaze toward you
your kindness is greater
my lips glorify you
I bless you while I live
I lift up my hands
I call upon your name
my soul shall be satisfied
You are my help
shadow of your wings
I shout for joy
my soul clings fast to you.

Now you have to read the whole psalm to appreciate that I just took out the words that make my heart sing. When I wonder why these words in particular speak to me, I need look no further than the daily realities of our lives.

New births, new loves, graduations and vacations are all causes for great joy. Illness, loneliness, difficulties with family or colleagues, the tragedies in the news are all the things that make me want to hide in the shadow of God's wings and find my comfort there. And I is from the very embrace of God that I find the comfort I need when things get hard, where I find the courage to pray and ask for the blessings and strengths that I need to go forward one more step into the unknown.

How about you? How do you find the courage you need to move forward day by day? Where do you find God when it seems like the world is crazy. The cross of Jesus is never very far away is it?  Some cultures really seem to be way more comfortable with or are much better at accepting sorrow and suffering as a part of life. Then there are those cultures (like my Italian forebears) who look to celebrate and rejoice as often as we can. Both have their place.

June brings Grads and Dads...warm weather and vacations...May we be able to celebrate all the good, even in the midst of the daily crosses. Hold on tight to God. Cling fast!