Thursday, April 21, 2016

God Dwells with Who? With Us!

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The Gospel this week is short, sweet and too the point: Love one another. What more do we need to say about that? 

The truth of this is fleshed out in the other readings, and in our lives every day....we are called to recognize that God has indeed chosen to make his dwelling with us! To live in our midst, to wipe our tears away, to shelter us from storm, support us in our sorrow and rejoice with us in the moments of gladness. That's what we hear in Revelation. 
The HOW of that...I suspect is what Paul is referring to in a slight line in that first reading that we can so easily missed...he and Barnabas 'strengthened the spirits of the disciples ... and commended them to God'.
I think that is the we know God is present in our lives, by how we love and care and support one another...
In baby showers and weddings, at funerals and in lonely moments. When we struggle to accept illness and loss of vitality, when we are frustrated by thoughtlessness...when we are overwhelmed by the daily worries each of our lives contain. If we're lucky, that's when we find God in the support of those around us.
I am grateful that I am lucky...that I do find God in the love of those around me. I am glad too, that I can sometimes be the face of God for others. I pray I always let God shine through me, let God do the work God wants to do with me. I hope I never get in the way of what God is trying to do.

Happy Sunday to all...and may we each try to be the face of God for others.

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