Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Where Was God at Your Thanksgiving Table?

Last weekend was Thanksgiving weekend for us. Honestly, I don't remember ever worrying about the political talk at the dinner table any other year. Over and over I saw blogs and news stories and all manner of social communication telling me how to avoid conflict at the dinner table.

I don't know about your dinner, but mine was just lovely. Uneventful even. No drama. And for that I am most grateful.

We are a big, warm, loving and loud Italian family that gathered at my sisters house this year. Three big kids were home from college and we couldn't wait to hear their stories and smother them with hugs and kisses. There were elderly aunts (myself included now I guess...) sisters and cousins. We all just enjoyed each other. (alright, for the most part...) And for that I was grateful.

When I asked folks afterwards about their Thanksgivings and where they might have found God in it all (because that's what we do in RCIA after all right?!) folks had simple tales of seeing how much they've grown because of rugby, practice parenting with younger siblings and what that felt like, HS reunions and welcoming old classmates, gratitude for studio apartments and life after 15 years of cancer wars, and friends at thanksgiving meals. In all our gatherings and in the coming home to quiet, we could find God. In weddings and lunches and small business Saturdays we found God. (I think God avoided the black Friday craziness...it's hard to find anything or anyone in those crowds!)

Finally, at church on Sunday, the first Sunday of Advent, in the routine of the prayers and the music, with this congregation I love, there was a very real quiet breeze that gave me goosebumps, and helped me see how very grateful I was for how I absolutely know God is with us here, in this place, in all our crazy humanity, as we await his coming once more.

If you're wondering about that photo on top, that's my Goddaughter Olivia. She gets frustrated with me when I don't remember to snapchat or instagram as many times as she teaches me what to do. Where do I find God? Look at that smile of hers! Look how her face lights up!! She reminds me all the time to be more loving, more patient...she makes me my best self. I find God in her!!

As we move into Advent, take time to look around you and see where God is for you today.

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