Thursday, February 2, 2017

Light and Love

 So many images from this weekends scripture jump off the page for me. There are the strong words of Isaiah...share your bread with the hungry, give of your own want to the poor. Only when we do that will we be taken from the land of gloom into the light. (there it is again--that image of light!)

Paul's words in Corinthians that seem to show another side of that mighty man. I so often see him as a tower of strength and defender of faith. In this reading he seems oh so very human, speaking of feeling weak and scared. I certainly can identify with that!

The Gospel we've heard so often, that we are called to be salt and light to the world. To add our particular flavor--our Christian/Catholic values to the world we live in. To share with others the very light of the love of Jesus. Not through our words but by the example of how we live our lives. How we treat others. How we stand for what we believe in, what we hope for.

Our words without our actions can sometimes just be hypocrisy. We need to put legs on our beliefs. We need to DO the good deeds we talk so easily about, the things we pray for.

As I was thinking about this past week, I saw, in these photos, people who are light to me. Who share their goodness every day just by the way they move through the world. The mom and son who are part of an amazing family that add so much to our parish, by their example of steadfast love.

The woman who truly is the heart of the parish and how she cares endlessly for all of us.

The staff I have the joy of sharing each week with, who strive to bring the light of Christ's love to each person they meet.

They parish young adults who are gearing up to be prayer leaders in small groups during Lent this year. Their desire to share their faith with others is breath-taking to me.

So, where do we go from here? What do we do with all this? I have this idea stuck in my head that I need to make a PBnJ sandwich and give it to the next street person I see. I feel like I have to DO something for someone else this week...

How do YOU feel after you pray with these readings? What are you being called to do? Let's try together to make our faith more than just words this week. Let's put our faith in action.

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