Thursday, May 14, 2015

My weekend is about to start!

Dear Friends,

Since our new music director Jim Stayton created a blogspot for music in the parish, I felt inspired to try and see if I could do the same. He was more than willing to share his wisdom with me, and so I make my first attempt.

The Easter season is quickly drawing to a close as we anticipate the celebration of Pentecost on Sunday the 24 of May. I remember back a billion years ago (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) this was the first Sunday I ever read in a young teen, and I valiantly tried to pronounce all those names of all those towns that writer of Acts of the Apostles spoke of. I always hold my breath as the lector begins, and pray they'll have the wisdom to get through all those crazy names!

I am blessed to be the Pastoral Associate here at St Francis de Sales Church on E 96th St in Manhattan. This is an amazing parish, lots of  folks really committed to following the Gospel of Jesus.

As a staff we have been talking a lot about what is wonderful here, and how to help God's kingdom grow stronger in and through all of us. We have discovered we keep using the same few words over and over again, sort of buzz words if you will, to inspire our conversation. I'd like to share them with you.
Ownership   Changing the Paradigm   Ours / We   Lay Leadership   Financial Stability  Stakeholders   Grow St Francis   and finally Intentional Community.

I invite you to say the words quietly to yourself and see what word or words touch your heart. In the days to come I'm sure we will have much to say and pray about as far as how all these ideas help us continue to create a parish that is most welcoming to all. For my part, from where I stand, the idea of creating more of an intentional community of believers here, people who choose to come here because of who we are as a church...well, that's exciting to me.

I look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones at the doors of the church.

Much Peace,

Jayne Porcelli

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