Thursday, May 21, 2015

What birthday gift do you want?

Happy Birthday Church! This weekend we will celebrate Pentecost and hear the story of how the Spirit poured out many gifts on those frightened disciples. I think the gift I value most in this particular story is COURAGE. How scared those poor disciples were, locked in the upper room. How confused. How sad. And then more fear!

What amazing words and deeds came from their courage to speak about their friend Jesus. As we decorated the church today for this great feast, I find myself praying for that same gift of courage. Now, God knows, I could surely use more of each and every gift of the Spirit, but, in the way our world can be so hard, so mean, so angry...I want more courage to be a follower of Christ. I want more courage to do the right thing, even when I get teased. I want courage to be my better self. I need courage to try harder in every aspect of my life. So today, I'm praying for courage.

What about you? What gift will you pray for? What gift do you feel you need more of? And, even more importantly, how will you share that gift with your church and your world?

May the Spirit of love...the Spirit of Courage be with us this week in all we do.

Much Peace!


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