Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Go off to a quiet place

I'm excited to say I'm going off to a wedding this weekend.

This lovely young woman, who I have had the honor of knowing since she was about five or so, is getting married to this great, fun, warm, charming guy. I am looking forward to celebrating the sacrament of their love, their marriage to one another.

The Gospel this Sunday talks about Jesus looking for a 'quiet place' to recharge his soul. We certainly all can understand that, especially since so many of us use this summer vacation time to do just that for ourselves! To get to this wedding I have a six hour car ride to use as my 'quiet place' before I enter into all the hustle and bustle that comes with a wedding.

If you've ever been involved in a wedding you know that the stress level of everyone seems to escalate in a mystifying way...and it seems difficult for the immediate players to really savor the moments leading up to and including the big event. Everyone is worried about all the peripheral things being 'just so'... to the detriment of the actual sacrament. And then the day is done and married life begins.
It reminds me of what it is like to live Ordinary Time in the church year. These green days of summer. I love them! I love how each day holds a beautiful mystery waiting to unfold. Small things like children laughing in a sprinkler or an older couple holding hands as they sit on the bus. Ordinary time brings difficulty too we know, but if we're lucky we have family and friends to help hold us up then.
This brings me back to my young friends getting married this weekend. I wish them a lovely day of course, but more than that, I wish them many many years of happiness and contentment in the ordinary days of their lives. I pray they can handle the stress of the big moments that will come their way, and more importantly, that they will enjoy and cherish the little ordinary moments that will make up their lives together. May God bless them.

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