Thursday, July 30, 2015

Be Who You Are!!

Jesus says very clearly this weekend in our Gospel, He is our Bread of Life. No doubt about it, it is Jesus who nourishes us, sustains us, feeds us...Jesus is all we need to survive. Our daily bread.

What does this have to do with the quote so beautiful illustrated above by Br. Mickey McGrath? Everything, I think.

Jesus knew who he was, in his very core...a Son of God the Father...and he lived out his truth in every moment of his days.

Who are we? Who are you and I? Do we act out of the knowledge that we are God's sons and daughters or do we act as less than that?

I was gifted with the opportunity to see the show "Amazing Grace" on Broadway the other night. Even as I sat watching this historical drama, I knew I'd have to say something about it. There is a line in the play when one character says something like: "Audiences are fickle, they'll leave the theater and forget all about this...." "This" being the issue of slavery that is the core of the story. That makes me sad, for the playbill took the time to explain that slavery/human trafficking is a more extensive problem today then it was in the days of the slave trade, yet no one is paying attention...I can't even get my head around the reality of slavery, 200 years ago, or now. Certainly not an example of human beings acting as their best selves. What are we called to do about this now?

How do we act as our best selves, children of the God who created us, more often, rather than less? I guess we pray. I guess we try to serve others. I think I try to be more generous rather than less. More loving for sure. And when the opportunity comes to speak the truth...God give me the courage to open my mouth for the good of others.

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