Thursday, September 3, 2015

Be Strong! Fear Not!

What words could be more suitable as students and teachers and parents everywhere prepare to enter into the mystery of a new academic year? From Isaiah: "Be strong! Fear not!"

When I paused at my desk this afternoon, surrounded by class lists, calendars, text book orders and the like, I thought, with only a few minutes to spare all I really want to say this week is "I'm praying for you all". Those students beginning in new schools, or going back to continue in your 'old' school; teachers, new and old, getting ready to face new classes; parents struggling to let little ones go for the first time, or, exhausted from summer, ready to send big ones back into the care of the new teachers.

It's another letting go. It's another beginning. It's another change. For most of us change whether its good or bad, fun or hard, our choice or another's --we find change hard. That's OK, I think. Once we acknowledge it's difficult, then we just have to live through it until the new and uncomfortable becomes something we're used to again. That's just the way life is, isn't it?

So, looking at the Gospel story this week where Jesus heals the deaf man, I pray for each of us, but especially those going back to school, or anyone starting something brand new...that we have ears that are open to hear all that God wants us to learn in the year ahead. Most of all, every morning, may we hear how very much God loves us.

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