Thursday, September 10, 2015

Christianity isn't for the faint hearted

I was going to say, Christianity isn't for wimps...but do we even use that word anymore? I was speaking with a young couple who are interested in beginning the RCIA process this week and we were talking about the benefit of discovering the desire for a faith life when one is old enough to take the commitment seriously. Christianity is certainly something we hope to grow in throughout our lives, because it is certainly not meant to be easy. Look at what Jesus says in the Gospel...that whole "take up your cross, deny your self' riff...who in their right mind would be attracted to that?

Yet, we know, as adult believers, there is no other way to Jesus but through the cross. Not that we need to go creating some of our own making! No, life has a way of knocking us down, without us needing to go looking for any more suffering or difficulty. The mark of a Christian, perhaps, is how we live through the pain and suffering, the hardship and the disappointments, and still manage to be joyful witnesses to Gods' love for all. I think the secret to that is found in the second reading which speaks so well to the need to be of service to one another. We  can not truly be happy in this life if we are thinking only of ourselves. If we think of and work for the good of others, it is there that our hearts swell and we find joy. Think about it's true isn't it? When you do something for another is when you find your self most happy.

As we in NYC prepare for the arrival of Pope Francis, my prayer is that we will put aside our 'NY attitude' and be open to what he would like to say to us. We may be called to consider moving outside our comfort level and be of service to others. May the Spirit give us ears to hear!