Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's about relationship.

I think it's always about relationship. In the beginning we long for relationship, in the end, that's all that matters...'did you love?' I hope is the question God asks us when we come before Him.

The Gospel today mentions marriage and divorce...and we know how messy that can all be. I know God wants us to be people who love. People in relationship..with HIM first of all, and then with each other.

So today we begin another year in Religious Education at St Francis de Sales. I'm excited and nervous too. I want it all to go well! I want everyone, children and parents to feel comfortable and welcome. As always, my hope for the year is that we help our children learn to grow more in their relationship with the God who loves them. I imagine that if we help them develop a real relationship with God, with Jesus, that they will be able to weather whatever storms lie ahead for them in life. I want them to know they have a person to turn to when things are hard.

Life isn't perfect. Stuff happens. I believe God is always there, waiting to console us, celebrate with us, comfort us, cheer us on. That's what I want our kids to learn. I want their parents to learn this too.

So, if you have a spare moment this weekend, pray for us on Sunday...that all will go well, that children and adults will hear the message God wants them to hear, and that all will go home happy, ready to spread the Good News to others.

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