Thursday, February 4, 2016

Almost Lent

I keep hearing myself say, I just need to survive until Wednesday...then I can breath again. Of course, next Wednesday is Ash of our busiest days in church work...and one needs to really be ready to hit the ground running that day.

But we have so much going on here between now and 5 days from now...we have First Reconciliation on Saturday morning, we have Sunday...and every Sunday is busy, we have RCIA events and meetings on Monday and a first time Comedy night for Mardi Gras Tuesday evening...and after all that, I should be ready for the Lenten quiet...I'm looking forward to it in fact. I need to figure out how to carve some quiet into my busy church work days.

Because with Lent comes more RCIA stuff to get ready, a retreat day for Communion Families, and just more good stuff for the folks of the parish. What is one person to do??

So here's my plan. We're purchased for the parish the "Little Black Books" from the Saginaw diocese. 6 minutes of prayer each the car waiting for a parking spot or on the subway. That's the first thing.

The second thing is an event that occurs next Friday, but I will try and make my Lenten practice: PS I l Love You day...(you can google psiloveyouday and check out the youtube link for the whole story) Simply put, why not take the time to tell people what they mean to you? Why not, in keeping with what Pope Francis keeps telling us, be merciful and joyful?

So, I will try to be a bit more forgiving of others, and of myself.
I will try to be more joyful and less stressed, and share that with others.
I will try to remember to let people know I care for them, because it's important that people know they are loved by others.

These aren't really big things, they're pretty small ... but I think it's important to start little. I don't need to do big things, I just need to do small kindnesses with some consistency.

So, just in case I don't see you soon, please know  you're important to me and to those around you.

PS, I love you.

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