Thursday, March 24, 2016

Looking For Holy Quiet Moments

I honestly didn't think I'd even get here this blog thing...but I want to at least take a minute, one minute, to simply say, let us pray for each other during these most holy days in our Church. Let us pray, today, in a special way, for all those men and women who take on roles of leadership and service in our Church. May God's spirit bless them with patience and wisdom in our troubled world.

Let us pray, as we approach Good Friday, for all those places in the world where the crucifixion still happens over and over again...this week I am mindful like many of you for all who mourn in Brussels. There are so many places of suffering in our world, let us remember those souls when we come before the cross tomorrow.

At Easter Vigil my heart is always filled with prayers of hope and joy for all who choose to come into our zany little group we call Church...some days it is a mystery to me what they see in us, but I know it is a loving God who calls them, and it is our joy to accompany them as we all journey toward Easter Alleluias. Broken we may be, but love and laughter will lead us on and make the path unforgettable!

So, Happy Holy Days to each of you. Let us hold one another in prayer these next few days. God's peace and joy be yours.

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