Thursday, March 3, 2016

New Things are Coming!

At the midpoint of Lent we hear St Paul (cycle C readings) telling us that the old things are passing away and behold new things are coming! Is that ever hopeful!! That is exactly how I'm feeling as the daylight lasts a little bit longer every afternoon and the morning sun is up a few moments earlier during my commute. Darkness is fading, light is taking hold again in the world around me.

I need to get away from the darkness of sin too. We celebrate the scrutinies these last three weeks of Lent, and so I've been mindful of the many many things, the temptations, the evils, the sinfulness that gets in the way of my relationship with my God.

Too many to list for sure, but here's a short list...jealousy, judging others, pride, arrogance, impatience...these vices always seem to be on the top of my list when preparing for confession. I thank God for the days I am not all those dreadful things at the same time...and I am sorry for the times when it all gets the best of me.

Springtime, the end of Lent, the promised coming of Easter gives me hope that new things in me are coming too! I want to be better. I want to be more hopeful and optimistic. I am so grateful and blessed to be in a parish where almost every Sunday people leave church moving to the music, smiling or munching on a homemade cookie. We are happy when we come into Church, and filled with the hope and the challenge as we leave, to bring the good news to the folks we spend the Monday to Friday with. We are the ambassadors for Christ that Paul talks about!

So, as the days get longer, as we await Holy Week in all its solemnity and the Easter joy that follows, let us make the most of this second half of Lent. Let us be reconciled to God and to one another. Look for opportunities to mend fences and heal old hurts.  Let us continue to try harder, to be our better selves, to live in the light of God.

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